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FREE and PERMANENT membership to one of the sites in Somut Medya Internet Network

FREE and PERMANENT membership to one of the sites in Somut Media Internet Network


*1 Month GOLD Listing Gift*

  • Up to 3 Images
  • 1 Location
  • Map
  • 1 Category
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Address
  • Subject of Activity / About Us 100 Words
  • Publishing Your Prepared Banner 1 Month
  • Number of Tag Usage (Activity subject tag #Activitysubject)  3
  • Bottom Page Placement


When sending your information to us, if you do not provide information about which images and texts will continue when your GOLD gift package subscription is full, the system will automatically perform visual removal and text shortening.

Product images and company logo to be sent  600×600 px. dimensions and in jpg format.

Virtual products are intengible and are not shipped.


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We are a team with many years experience in Finance and Marketing. With gained experience in various fields, we are focused especially for the needs of medium-sized companies .

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